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Physical Vascular Therapy for humans and animals

Certified Partner of Bemer Int. AG

the latest models of the system, the medical certificate klIA C2020

BEMER (Partner Land) was founded by BEMER partners covering the whole country, UK, Europe, USA and Caca. We offer individual solutions with the possibility of consulting, renting and selling BEMER equipment for individuals, companies and health service employees

We are a certified partner of Bemer International AG Triesen, Liechtenstein. If you want to extend the offer in your office with a certified medical device or join us as a Partner, please contact us.




22 years of experience 2 + 1 year of warranty included in the price (conditions described in the purchase regulations). IT support. Necessary (maintenance) training included. Necessary materials. Valuable materials, publications, advice. Access to assistance 24/12 hours, 7 days a week. Free delivery in 48 hours




Reliability Responsibility Distribution partners and employees of the company have been adhering to these values ​​since 1997. Bemer is now available in 50 countries.


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Science Find information about our company in the medline and premedline databases of the US-National Library of Medicine, where you will find over 24 million references in literature, online books and life science journals Discover BEMER on Public Med


Bemer BEMER International AG is the world market leader in the field of microcirculation. Since 1998, we have been improving patented methods of treatment using Physical Vascular Therapy and we are constantly conducting research in this field.
BECOME A PARTNER Become a BEMER partner. Make this world a little better with us! As a doctor, therapist or health stakeholder: Base your main activity or side activity on BEMER. Find out more about how you can become your own boss and build a secure future. We will be pleased to welcome you among us!
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